iPods suck... as does not having my Davies

October 22 2005

It's been a whole seven days since I posted + I have no pics to upload... I do, however, have the need to curse out the Apple people on account of my iPod's total lack of working-ness.  Argh!  The battery doesn't work + at this point it isn't even turning on... now I am left to dream of lost Here, in Arms + Deathray Davies songs...

*oh, + Mallrats is the second-best movie, behind Pulp Fiction, weinches!!!*


Matt Beck

October 22 2005
apple will replace it if the iPod is less than a year old

Candice Holloway

October 25 2005
Really? Will I have to pay for anything more than s+p? I'm pretty sure it's still under warranty, but I couldn't find that anywhere on the apple site. Thanks, though! I'll go search...

Matt Beck

October 29 2005
Unless you bought the "Apple Care" (3 year warranty) your iPod comes standard with a one year warranty. All you have to pay is shipping. Apple has also been known to upgrade you to the newest iPod as well and since they just came out with the iPod Nano and iPod Video you might get lucky. Here is the website link... http://depot.info.apple.com/ipod/ Go to the bottom of the page and enter your serial number found on the back of your iPod. They will tell you if it is still under warranty. Hope this helps. Also thanks for using PhuseBox... spreading the word to all your friends.