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September 27 2005
that guy was hot

Sad day

September 09 2005

How ms jimmy dies

September 06 2005
"Scarlet the people at mcdonalds forgot my chocoalate milk shake"

"oh no mama we have to go back"

"no thats ok i think ill go on the 10000 calorie diet "

"thats good idea mama but we all no wat happend to the last diet u went on"


"the tire poped on the car cuz u couldnt keep it together"

few days later....
on her way to the school

i cant ake it anymore i need that choclate milkshake

help me god help me



in the news papers couple days later

Ms. Jimmmy was a very noble but portly lady she drove a bus full of very nice kids on there way to school. She died 2 days ago from a car axcedent. but wat i really think is that she was just to portly. The police say that the bus tipped over and and fell into the bridge by a poped or flat tire.

and this is how ms jimmy died


September 05 2005
i got a hair cut yes i got a hair cut

very scary i no