stuck stuck stuck

February 04 2007

I've never been much of a rut-breaker.  I just let things go and pile up until they're almost impossible to deal with.

I've fallen into a routine lately that's pretty much the same every day.  I've got a bunch of bad habits I need to drop and bunch of good ones I need to pick up.

So how does somone who lives about 90% of their life in a rut get out of it?  I'm not sure, but I'm hoping I'll find out.

First step:  laundry.

Steps hopefully soon to follow:

Vigorous housecleaning.
Sorting clothes.
Donating old clothes.
Replacing the ruined or donated clothes.
Returning to SportsCom.  (blech)
Slowly cutting soda from my diet.  (sob)
Start cleaning on a basis more regular than two or three times a year.
Do homework, study, etc.
Find a better or second job towards spring/summer.
Drink more tea. 
Be zenner.  Panic attacks = the enemy.

Well, there's the list... Let's see how much of it actually gets done in the next month or so, if it ever gets done at all.


February 09 2007
well, it looks to me like you have just made the first half of my list... you know, making a list is the easy part. i still haven't finished anything yet. but then again i see no problem with living like a bum until i graduate. good luck!