doesn't get much better than this

January 17 2007

Chillin' in art class.  Listening to Moby. Doing a powerpoint on Robert Mapplethorpe.

I'm taking a break from shopping today.  I'mma go home and take a nap.  Perhaps visit my mom.

That's the problem with updating too often.  You run out of things to say.

here we are now going to the north side

i look at my friends as they start to ride

ride at night we ride all day

looking out for a sunny day

here we are now going to the south side

i pick up my friends and we hope we won't die

ride at night, ride through heaven and hell

come back and feel so well.

Drink Dajen

January 18 2007
ooh.. nothing.. just me trying to make a joke about work.. and failing endlessly

Drink Dajen

January 21 2007
i pooled that post, from not only MiddleSex but also from my decomposing state of mind. I am crazed, it is official.