i wonder can he see it through my eyes

December 05 2005

this season was meant for me.

have you ever felt like a season was just perfect for you... well, i don't know if i'm going keep this thing. just thinking about everything. life is going absolutely wonderful.. just one thing is on my mind.?.. hmm..

i love winter more.


October 02 2005
goodbye summer, hello fall

ahh finally fall break..
have a good one;;

have fun,
stay safe
live it up!.


September 03 2005
riverdale freshman baseball
i think i like a baseball playa. =]
mmm this could turn out weird.

we beat Blackman. haha baddd
we are still champions
and there not. haha!

peace && love


August 09 2005
riverdale orientation tonight.
ahw, i get to see everybody finally!.
it's been so long. i can't believe the summer is already over.. dang! so many memories. i hope everyone had an amazing summer..

They stand to fight for nothing.
We show how stupid we've become.
As fortune favours only,
those who care to much to see.
your revolution is a joke.

just got bakk from riverdale.
a lot of old faces. great to see everyone!.
ahw i got to see katie lou and lesley!
i missed everyone.
glad that school is starting..
butttt i got softball the first full day. sucks.!


August 07 2005
life is amazing.. shawn told me to get one of these.. so i decided to.. high school is so close. ahh i can't wait to see everyone hope yall had a wonderful summer!..