August 20 2005
Well the last few days have been awesome, and weird. Yesterday I went to the movies and i had an awesome time. I thought everything was okay. I dont know, I got home and Ross was upset at me again. We had an arguement last night..things werent going so well. It was bad. I mean, I hope things get better, but I want us to learn something from it, even though I know that wont happen. But anyways..We didn't really get everything settled completely I dont think. I havent even talked to him today because he has been at work and I have been here at Stephs. Thank God mom hasnt called today. I dont wanna go home, ha. But yeah, ill talk to him in a bit when he gets home and then ill let you know wat happens. But today me and Steph got up and We went bug hunting, because she has to do it for a project, and we caught like 5 bugs, but we lost them all. Then we spent like 10 minutes trying to gte this one bug in a cup, and realised it was a piece of wood, haha. Yeah, it was funny.But then we got super hot so we came inside and watched this really sad movie. Almost cried. But then we ate and got online some, and now here I am. But thats all for now, except I am talking to Kyle. By the wasy..I miss kaci, ha.

Peace out