Moving Out

August 15 2005
So this is my last night in my house...weird. I feel like i am ripping 11 years of memories apart as I'm packing up my room! Man, I really hate change. A lot. I move into tomorrow so i hope that all goes well.

Oh yeah, today i had my interview at Eddie Bauer...and now im not so sure that i will like that job as much as i thought i would...

I'm not really sure if i got the job or not, the interview wasn't so smooth...

apparently you have to be good at picking people clothes out and making them match, or some crap like that...

why can't i just fold them and be friendly when people walk in...i would be so good at that.

I hope that things get normal again soon, i don't know how much longer i be able to handle this craziness!

Auf Wiedersehen!!


Blake Haley

August 15 2005
I think you would be good at folding clothes too...and you did get "Friendliest" our senior year. I don't think you are realizing what they are passing up (if they don't hire you!) Well, I guess I will be seeing you tomorrow; I can't wait to see you apartment!


August 16 2005
im not sure i want to go anymore... having second thoughts. uh... i think its too late now. oh yeah... guess what my mom told me. That i can only come home for EITHER thanksgiving OR christmas. ummmm.... WHAT? yeah... Hope youre likin your new place!!! SO exciting!

Blake Haley

September 10 2005
man, thats why I called you to see if you wanted to hang out. I'll be home agoin in three weeks though.


September 15 2005
i love me som tim walka! you are just one of the coolest boys ive ever met. no joke.