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August 09 2006

I have alot of small things goin on in my life and 3 REALLY BIG ONES!!! i just really hope i can balance this all out. I have alot of confidence about it, but i really would love some prayers! thanks everyone, or anyone that still goes to my phusebox and will read this. lol. Have a great week guys and gals!!



May 22 2006



May 01 2006
Best prom night i could have hoped for to spend with the most beautiful girl in the world!

BEST Commercial

February 13 2006

 "I'm gonna be wide open"

"You were open, but now you are closed!!"


January 09 2006


Sometimes i feel cold

In the middle of the night

When i'm sittin at home

Or if i'm ridin the freight

Almost every night

I wake up, the light on

Sometimes i see stuff

But their not enough

Only God can be my heat tonight

You are the day to my night

You are my heat every night

You are the happiness in my pain

You are the one that keeps me sain

There are shoes no one can fill

The honorable might without the kill

There is a place no one can go

Until the Son of the Father says so

I can feel you at the window sill

I love you so, and i hate you nill

  Sry most of the new pics are of ML, i dont take many pics of myself!!! TTYL

first day of school!!!

August 11 2005
Today was my first day of school!!! I was so excited!! I still am actually, but i cant wait to go back on Monday!! I need to be alot more social on Monday so i can meet all the people in my classes!! But, right now, posers are making me really mad!! People who get on here and xanga and talk about how much theyve been praying and how much they are following God, because theyre not!! Most of them arent anyways!! Lisa is because shes just a great follower of God, but like my brother is carazy!! Talking about how much hes praying about his move back here to Tennessee!!! He doesnt really pray tht often and when hes around normal people hes just as bad as they are!! Now, hes not the only person tht does this, but hes one of the more annoying ones!! Besides tht i am doing really good especially because school just started!! Im reaLLY EXCITED!! Oh yea and i met the person ive been dying to meet, Erin!! She was quite a bit shorter than i thought but shes still awesome!! Cant wait to hang out with her and get to know her!! Ok, this is my longest entry on this thing ever!! And it might top whatever i write from now on!! I mean this entry is massive!! Im not sure ive ever rambled like this!!! But anyways, i think this is really dumb, living in Tennessee and all!! I can live with it, but im definitely moving back to Cali when i graduate!! I gotta get my GPA up though so i can get a scholorship!!! I hope i do!! I have to take the ACT this year atl east three times unless i get a really good score!!! I really need a scholorship so ill only have to worry about an apartment and car insurance!! I cant wait to go back, not all because of friends but because i love the state!! The only thing tht would stop me from going is a very big event with a person or something drastic!!


July 29 2005
I am bored out of my mind every night!! I would love people to talk to at night!!! Yea, i justgot here rom Cali and i want to meet new people!! IM me!!!!!