June 12 2006


so its been almost 2 months.....

thought id update:)

summers going amaaaazing. me and jess went to florida! i loooove the beach yesyes.

i got a henna tattoo that means ninja in chinese!..thats me getting it.

and now im goin to california next monday for a week

then off to kamp i go for a week

im sooooo excited. okay peace ez.

did i mention i drive an amazing van? yes. his name is cap'n.


June 12 2006
hahahaha...that van is huuge

Chad Fisher

June 12 2006
well dang look who it is! you came from the dead!! lol

Eric Bean

June 12 2006
Nice van.

Jonathan Bragg

June 13 2006
hahaha your crazy