February 20 2006

hey guys

and gals

my weekend has been pretty greaaaat friday hung out with kris, we saw that Date Movie, i thought it was hilarious..then we went to elliots and played with the bouncy balls with all the guys that was amazingly fun...then saturday rolled around didnt do much malled and thats bout it with kris then went to toots with heather brad and blake, gaaaah i havent hung out with heather tracy since 6th grade..mucho fun:) oh and i never posted that i finally have a flippin prom date, yay for blake. maaaaan today i did absolutely nothing worth writing about, which is insanely insane, it seems when we have these like 3 day weekend things i get all excited, and end up not being able to do anything worth talking about, maaan i need to get a life or move to canada or australia or something hmmm


Nick Danger

February 21 2006
Canada or Australia! Just gimme a call and its oooon.

Nick Danger

February 21 2006
Haha, glad we dont refer to Rappers as Rappist. :x

Carol Nixon

March 03 2006
lol! ahhh....words couldnt even begin to express how crazy you are luv ya!


March 06 2006
Hey i didnt know you had one of these im at school right now what now!! oh oh... lol..ttyl peace buddy