big DANG why does it have to snow on the weekend? soo ready for warm weather

February 10 2006

so anyone know a shane or lucas..pretty hott, one of them kinda asianish?perhaps? heh because me and kris were eating chinese and they walked in the restaraunt and we totally got there numbers

hah ..i know im excited..

well well nothing new is going on, i suppose..except my granny was randomly at my house when i came home, and shes rambling to me about how she just left pa at home and he doesnt know where she is...or something like that, and now i have to sit here and listen to old western tv shows in the backround while listening to her eat a hamburger without any teeth in..anyone want to switch places with me right now?

Nick Danger

February 11 2006
Oooh, Chinese. Yeah, those Asian men are like sooo hot :P ...I had Chinese like 10 minutes ago. Mmm mmm.

Nick Danger

February 12 2006
Yay, youre like my favourite person ever! To Canada!