July 16 2006
sooo i got back from california yesterday!
<img src="http://i2.tinypic.com/206fy4k.jpg">
<img src="http://i1.tinypic.com/206fzvk.jpg">
<img src="http://i2.tinypic.com/206fz8l.jpg">
<img src="http://i1.tinypic.com/206g1lg.jpg">
 it was sooo awesome out there we are definately going back i absolutely love malibu, oxnard and LA and yeah its soo neaat.
jessie and katie and me reunited this morning at church i hadnt seen them since end of kamp because we all were going out of town for the past 2 weeks!! so that was pretty exciting..and last night i dyed my hair brown..back to my roots ;) so no more dying from now and on, just had to get it back to more natural yep..
<img src="http://i2.tinypic.com/206fw5s.jpg">
and now tonight!!!
i am so excited..can not wait
its going to be amazing..well im gonna go nap or something :)
and did i mention that i got into WESTERN kentucky??
so tara will be moving there at the end of august !!!!!:D


July 03 2006

kamp was amazing. theres noooo better to describe it than AMAZING. want to go back soo bad..totally did not want to leave.:( heres some pizzzictures...cya guys!


June 12 2006


so its been almost 2 months.....

thought id update:)

summers going amaaaazing. me and jess went to florida! i loooove the beach yesyes.

i got a henna tattoo that means ninja in chinese!..thats me getting it.

and now im goin to california next monday for a week

then off to kamp i go for a week

im sooooo excited. okay peace ez.

did i mention i drive an amazing van? yes. his name is cap'n.


April 19 2006

i looove my sb

yes i do yes i do


sooo i never write in here i just realized...so i thought i would:)


April 09 2006


hehe sb looks very creepy:).i like it.

so i just got back from washington dc?what?!yeah

it was coo. but im glad to be home YAY

peace ez.


February 20 2006

hey guys

and gals

my weekend has been pretty greaaaat friday hung out with kris, we saw that Date Movie, i thought it was hilarious..then we went to elliots and played with the bouncy balls with all the guys that was amazingly fun...then saturday rolled around didnt do much malled and thats bout it with kris then went to toots with heather brad and blake, gaaaah i havent hung out with heather tracy since 6th grade..mucho fun:) oh and i never posted that i finally have a flippin prom date, yay for blake. maaaaan today i did absolutely nothing worth writing about, which is insanely insane, it seems when we have these like 3 day weekend things i get all excited, and end up not being able to do anything worth talking about, maaan i need to get a life or move to canada or australia or something hmmm



February 13 2006

so today was a snow day

and me and sb did absolutely nothing worth talking about but watch a movie and take many pictures

being grounded is the devil...

i want to be at school..now.

and vday is tomorrow, oh joy

big DANG why does it have to snow on the weekend? ...im soo ready for warm weather

February 10 2006

so anyone know a shane or lucas..pretty hott, one of them kinda asianish?perhaps? heh because me and kris were eating chinese and they walked in the restaraunt and we totally got there numbers

hah ..i know im excited..

well well nothing new is going on, i suppose..except my granny was randomly at my house when i came home, and shes rambling to me about how she just left pa at home and he doesnt know where she is...or something like that, and now i have to sit here and listen to old western tv shows in the backround while listening to her eat a hamburger without any teeth in..anyone want to switch places with me right now?

sup jiggas!!

January 10 2006
soooo i have one of these now...yaaaaay me