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The greatest party ever

December 08 2005

Hey guys.... so there's this crazy rumor goin around... AND ITS TRUE!!! For all our MTSU/AO friends, we are having our Holiday/Luao/End of the Semester/Hodge; Justin; Leslie; & Jeff Going Away Party. It's gonna start at 9ish, and if u need directions... go to  and check it out. C ya'll there.


Why do I wait? (part 2)

December 05 2005

Well, as many of you have asked... yes, I did finish my papers. I finished and got in bed around 3 this morning.... I should have been done around 12, but instead of staying at the computer lab like I should have, I went home to finish my first paper and start my second (the easier of the two). Well, instead of finishing by 12, I sat around and watched Adam play Playstation 2 instead of finishing.... well, nobody ever accused me of being smart.


Why do I wait?

December 04 2005

So, I think that its come to bite me.... I've waited too late. Now, I have 2 10 page papers due tomorrow. So, I guess its time to start them. It's 6:27pm right now, I'll let you know when I'm done.


next semester's schedule

November 22 2005

Well, I've been reading how everybody's getting their new schedules for next semester, so I thought that I'd tell ya'll mine........ Well, lets see here....

I'll start off with 3 hrs of Internship credit,

Move next to 6 hrs of Global Studies: Studying another culture

Then head on to 3 hrs of History of Asian Studies

But seeing as how I have such a STRENUOUS schedule, I think that I'll walk to the beach and go surfing to relax. (For all of those who didn't know, I'm moving to Hawaii.) I know, I know, its gonna suck. But, I think that I'll get through it somehow.



November 20 2005

I just checked my facebook account and looked at my total friends. It was 482. Holy crap! There were about 20-23 people named Jeff Martin.... so they weren't accounted in this next statistic because that's freakin awesome and obviously should not be included b/c we are obviously connected. But I went through and counted all the people that I didn't actually know. Get ready for this.... The grand total of the people that I didn't actually know was 19. 19 out of 400+ people. FLIPPIN SWEET!!!



November 15 2005

so...the tornado's supposed to hit in 13mins..... YAY!!!


Oh to the older Sibling

November 14 2005

If you have not read Hodg-e's "Oh to the older Sibling".... you are missing out on one of the best posts phusebox has ever seen.



November 14 2005

So, all weekend, I've been showing the British International Debate Team around Nashville in anticipation of today. Today, we debate each other. Yikes.... I'm gonna go now and start praying that we don't get destroyed too bad.............



November 05 2005

Hey guys... I just got back from Dalton, GA where I competed in a Martial Arts tournament today. I saw it online last weekend and was just like..... "U know, I haven't trained for this; I'm not prepared; I'll probably come back with some type of horrible injury cause my reflexes are so slow now, but oh well.... Let's do it." So, I went down there and took 4th in forms and 4th in sparring. I feel like there was some homecookin when it came down to the sparring, but I can tell ya bout that in person. (can't really renact it here... which is nessecary for the edification of all) But I was complimented by many of my fellow fighters and many people in the stands were impressed by my technique. One fighter asked where I trained, so I told him, "Well, I haven't trained in a dojo in about 3 yrs, and I've just been foolin around at college." He didn't believe me. But when he asked me a second time, and heard my dad back it up, he said, "Wow, I couldn't imagine if you were training." So.... all that to say, I felt really good about the day. However, I would not be so naive as to fail to mention where all of this came from. I thank the Lord for His gift to me, and if it were not from the patience and discipline that I have learned from Him (not just M.A.), I would have never progressed this far. To God be the glory, great things He has done.


What in the world?

November 04 2005

If anyone has any idea or clue as to what's goin on inside of my heart right now, I would love for you to tell me so that I can get it all straightened out. That would be great. Thanks.

Besides that, I found out, once again, that Nevertheless is A...MAZING!!! Saw their show tonight in Nashvegas, and it rocked my sox off (as usual). And to all ya'll who didn't make it out, well, poo on you cause u missed an incredible show.

I'm gonna get outta here cause I'm supposed to compete in a tournament in Dalton, Ga tomorrow at 1pm so I need my beauty rest.



November 03 2005

girls are ridiculous, yes.......

boys are retarded, of course



November 03 2005

I just found out about 5 mins ago that Nevertheless will be in Nashville tomorrow night (11/4/05) at 12th and Porter at 8pm. This will be an incredible show. If anyone wants to go up there with me, give me a holla. If you haven't been to purevolume to check out their sound, see my Nevertheless blog and check 'em out. They put on an amazing show as is evident by my pictures on here, and you will not be disapointed.



November 03 2005

Girls are ridiculous.



November 02 2005

These are my boys Nevertheless. They're based out of Chattanooga and you can check out their sound at These guys are AMAZING.



November 02 2005

I should be in bed right now, but I'm not. I don't know why, but for some reason I've really wanted to blog about something for the last few days. However, I am confronted with a large and glaring foe when it comes to expressing my ideas. Writers Block!!!! (dun dun dun) I don't know what to write about. And what I do have an idea about, I don't know how to put into words... (go figure) Anyway, gotta go to bed so that I can get up and take a shower in the morning b4 class (I guess I should take my once a month shower tomorrow, I'm kinda stinky... jk, i don't smell that bad) Well then, I'm out like a light in Baghdad.


Sport Martial Arts.... AARRRGGGG

October 30 2005

I'm finding myself in a predicament that I do not enjoy. As I am no longer a member of the ITA, I can not compete in their tournaments any more. I competed for well over 10 years in traditional Taekwondo, so this is not something that is very easy for me to give up.... especially as my body is in the stage that is usually considered as prime. So what is left to me? Sport Martial Arts.... Here is the delima. I HATE SPORT MARTIAL ARTS!!!! I hate it with a passion. (I wish I could justly express in words my utter distaste for SMA, but you have better things to do than read a small novella about the deficiency of SMA) I find about as much honor in SMA as I do in professional wrestling. I feel as though the SMA world has lost focus of the art form in which the martial arts where created. There is no consideration for technique in sparring, nor is there any cosideration for what is practical in katas/forms. But I find that if I want to compete, I must do so in such an enviornment. I am going to call a guy about a tournament next weekend in Dalton, GA. I am in no shape to fight at any true competitive level right now, but I think that I may go ahead and do it this time. I guess we'll see how it works out.


October 27 2005

Heck yeah.... check this out all you gamers and wanna-be-as-cool-as-me-dorks....... I'M FRIGGIN MASTER CHEIF.....WHAT?!!!

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="http: //" border="0"></a>

(and the cool thing is that I didn't have to cheat on this one.... sweet)

A true friend

October 26 2005

To all whom read this post,

I am priveledged to call Mr. Jonathan Sharp as my friend. Many of you don't know him, but he is an incredible man of God and a true friend. I am thankful to be surrounded by such friends whether they be here in the 'boro (such as my great roomates Hodge, Adam, and Justin), Chatt-town (like my earthly father Ken Martin, Kyle, and Sharpie), or China (the likes of whose names I will not post). I truely count myself blessed by my ever-loving eternal Father.


21 years ago God's long time thought breathed his first breath in this sin-struck world. God made him just as He had planned and raised little Jeff up to proclaim the fame of His Son, by whom all things have come into existence. God gave Jeff the gift of teaching, that He might reveal to those around him what God has freely given us. For those of you that don't know this is a MAN whose first love is Jesus Christ the Savior of the world, the Creator and Sustainer of life. He is a man with a passion for God's will and stops at nothing to accomplish it. Though he may be sinful, he is among the redeemed and righteous in the sight of our Almighty God. He's a son, he's a brother, he's an uncle, he's a friend, he's a soldier, he's a warrior, he's a servant, he's a speaker, he's a martial artist, he's a guitar playing nut, he's many things but most importantly he's a man after God's own heart. Ladies and gentleman, tip your hat to Mr. Jeff Martin. Happy 21st birthday. May God continue to bless you and train you for what is to come. You are covered by the blood of His Son, and therefore with you He is well pleased. I love you and will go to war with you. It is my pleasure to call you a brother. -Sharpie

Hell is now cold!!! (not really though)

October 24 2005

Stop the presses... spread the news!!! Hodg-E is now a participating member of Phusebox. Yes, the very same one who swore off all such internet sites. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is a very fine day indeed!



October 23 2005

Oh look, it's me with no beard! Yikes, I look like I'm 16 again (if that). FEAR THE BEARD!!!