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Finally here

July 01 2006

HEY GUYS!!! What's goin on? Just wanted to let ya'll know that we all got here to Jericho just fine. We had a 10 hour lay over in Hong Kong yesterday, so we went and had a day on the town. It was not even planned and we just picked up and did it. It was pretty cool. We start our sports camp tomorrow (Monday... It's Sunday morning here and Saturday evening where you are). Its gonna be pretty stinkin awesome if I do say so myself. I'll be sure and post alot of pics. Cya then.



July 02 2006
jeff!!! glad you made it safe! can't wait to hear all about it. oh and just some advice.... when you are doing sports camp, don't try and teach the kids volleyball. that would just be mean :)

John Dunahoo

July 02 2006
you are one buisy man. i can never keep up with you. well you never cease to amaze me with your heart for people. love ya bro and continue allow God to shine through you


July 03 2006're in Jericho! where the heck?!? you continue to amaze me Jeff. We're still praying for you on Maui and the whole VIF ohana misses you. Be safe and keep sharing the love of Christ. Aloha, Catelin