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Would You Mind?

May 29 2006

Would you mind if I held you? If I held your head close to my chest to hear my heart beat the song of my devotion?


Would you mind if I took your hand? If I took your hand and never let go of the grip connecting your life to mine?


Would you mind if I fought for you? If I found my hearts content in protecting your honor?


Would you mind if I said "Yes ma'am", pulled out your chair, and opened your door? If I refused to let chivalry die whilst I still had breath to serve you?


Would you mind if I sang a song about you? If every note was so off pitch that it would resound in glorious failure?


Would you mind if I wrote poems to you? If prose and verse could some how disperse my inner most feelings on cue?


Would you mind if it was only me? If it was not some actor, athlete, or rock star?


But I guess one question still remains.


Would you mind if this was written about you?