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March 02 2006

I may not know you,
But I know you’re Beautiful.

I may not know where you live,
But I know that you make it Beautiful.

I may not know your past,
But our future will be Beautiful.

I may not know the color of your eyes,
But I know they’re Beautiful.

I may not know your name,
But I will always call you Beautiful.

All this, I may not know
But this I do...

I will thank God to call you my wife,
Because you are Beautiful.



March 02 2006
dude, this is awesome... i love it... i might print it off and give it to someone as a gift or something...

Lacy Evans

March 02 2006
Absoutely no words...except...beautiful!

Amy Ayers

March 02 2006
That made me cry happy tears. This is absolutely perfect.


March 03 2006
and the scuba ninja has a heart... awww... haha

Robert Lewis

March 03 2006
well, my name is robert, i have blue eyes, i live in Murfreesboro TN, there is nothing really wrong with my past, but you're right, our future will be beautiful . . . i love you too...

Rachael Vance

March 05 2006
haha, robert.. now jeff, THAT was beautiful...your wife will be very lucky!