January 19 2006
so im in a funk...i just havnt gotten excited about anything lately...so what??? im super ready to connect with ppl this semester though and i think i will...if only bc i learned so much last semester about how you have to be assertive in any relationship to make it work...so thats it...just thought id let ppl in on a il somn somn goin on w me...catch ya


January 08 2006
im back at arkansas state university...and im loving it...everyone...is much more agreeable i guess is the word im looking for since i got back...but neway...irewatched donnie darko this weekend and it is INTENSE....i was really tired the first time i saw it and didnt really get it but now that ive seen it all the way through it is one of my faves...also i just had a potential relationship with one miss jb devastatingly destroyed....lol....it was kinda mututal...i just wish we coulda worked stuff out//well thats my story and ....u know

I wonder...

January 04 2006
What is up with the rest of the world...i want to hear what is up with you-Phusebox-i view every online venture as a way to learn more about ppl i already know or to meet new ppl and hear what they have to say...kind of an extension to my real life...so put it out there...and if you think you already do that in your blog then just add me as your friend...i will comment so...have a nice day


January 03 2006

I am currently discovering how much phusebox kicks total butt...and ive discovered a new fave artitist---im pretty sure im late on the uptake...but better late than never right...dave barnes music is freakin awesome...hes from nashville and if you have myspace as well...u should totally check him out or just go to www.davebarnes.com seriously...if you dont know him you should....so other than that everyone...HAVE A GREAT DAY

Happy New Year

January 01 2006

Well everyone welcome to 2006...as the sole Arkansas State Indian represented on pb...i would like to congratualte everyone on making it thru another year alive

Well im really excited bc this girl i completely poured my heart out to right before break is getting back from her intrenational travels today...i cant wait to hear from her be it good or bad...

I leave to go back to college on Friday and I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited...Hampton has been so boring since i got here two weeks ago and on top of that i feel like im embarking on a completely new path in college...CHANGING MY MAJOR from Journalism/Advertising to digital media and design...YAYYYYYYYYYYY...

Well i hope everyone has as much to look forward to in the coming weeks as i do...leave me some comments...i will totally be a resposive blogger...lol...once again with the lameness//

THIS is Michael and this is the end of my second post!

My first

December 31 2005
OK...this is my firstest blog ever(on phusebox)this is an awesome community so far...i just wish the photo mangaer thing would get up and going so that i could put up my pic sometime soon...lol...so if anyone is just a random person who likes to have good clean fun just message me or add me and we can be friends....lol....that sounds so lame///i know i know.....neway...this should be the first of many posts pb---see ya soon