so disappointed

June 11 2005
i'm kinda bummed cause i didn't get out to the DZ like i had planned and i didn't even go today(sat) cause the weather is crappy. BUT i did go to the wave pool yesterday and it was super cool, except they close the pool at 730 and we got there at 6. it was still nice however to get in the water and hang out with my friend ryan. afterwards we diecded to head down to station square where they were having this expo of TONS of bbq. too bad for us you had to pay a five dollar cover charge to get in because there was some stupid cover band on stage playing music i didn't even want to listen to. i asked the woman at the ticket counter if i could wear earplugs and not pay the five bucks but she just laughed at me. so we went out to this place called lonestar and feasted on ribs there. who knew that pig could be so tasty. after we ate we headed home to get some beers, but went over to one of his friends house where we had planned to watch Legend, but the dude wasn't feeling well so we hung out with his roomates for a while until they decided to go out. overall it was a pretty good day even tho i didn't get to go out to the skydiving place..... and I'M STILL ALIVE!!! YAHOOOO. l8r

so this is blogging

June 09 2005
i'm so tired of not having a blogging job. so i figured if it came to this i could blog all day here...... ya know this really isn't working out between us, i mean i'm trying to be funny and you're just a computer. OH WELL! i think i'm gonna go jump out of a plane tomorrow, or at least go hang out with the people at the DZ so i can get a feel for who they are before i entrust my life with their equipment. Ah ha! decision has been made; i'll just hang with them tomorrow and then jump on saturday. If you never hear from me again, assume the worst; but remember if the worst should happen i have moved onto green pastures...
filled with black and white spotted cows.