my foot

July 29 2005
so i've been dealing with an injury to my big toe, which might not sound all that serious but for my line of work it most definately is. i got xrays the other day and they proved that there is no fructure or any abnormality so that means it is soft tissue damage. usually this would be a good thing, but with a break you can just take time off and let it heal itself but with soft tissue you are constantly re-injuring the area and it takes forever to heal. also i've been having an ankle issue and bone spurs and radial fractures have been ruled out in that case too. so basically i'm gonna ahve to take it as easy as i can and work really hard with my physical therapist to get everything back in shape and back to normal. its painful but i can take it... i think!??! our performance is next weekend and we are running into the home stretch of rehearsals. we move into the theater on saturday to start spacing and stuff. well, i'm on break from class but need to get back. HI ALL YOU NEW FRIENDS THAT I"VE JUST MET BECAUSE OF THIS TOTALLY AWESOME SITE!! have a great rest of the summer break and i'll talk to all of you really soon!


August 04 2005
dude it sounds like yoyr havin a hard time good luck in your show break a leg lol hehehe Abi