July 09 2005
so i'm waiting for my frozen pizza to cook, and what better to do when waiting for food than blog? well rehearsal was uber cool today cause we learned a section that is all guys. there are four of us and we do some sweet turns and choreography and stuff. The choreographer's friends came in to watch rehearsal and help clean the piece up. One of the friends is the head of the dance department at my school (no pressure) and the other one is her husband Dave, who is also one of my friends. So needless to say i wanted to do well for them and i think i accomplished that. Overall things are spectacular. My friend Reinhart is leaving tomorrow for Seatle where he will be dancing at Pacific Northwest Ballet, and i am jealous and sadened by his leaving. But i am also happy that he is getting this opportunity. I think i might have to go check my pizza and let it cool while i hop in the shower. ttyl bye bye