i am that girl

August 29 2006

the girl who loves the thought of life, but is scared to truly live.
the girl who doesn't take hugs for granted.
the girl who wants someone to love her for her
the girl who hates to cry, but finds it very comforting.
the girl who's heart is already taken.
the girl who loves to joke, but being serious fits her best.
the girl who knows what she likes & what she wants & won't settle for less.
the girl who's a sucker for a sweet talker.
the girl that won't take no for an answer.
the girl who will give you excessive amounts of hugs if you smell good.
the girl who admits she cares entirely too much.
the girl who is compulsive in forgiving, but knows she won't forget.
the girl who gives everyone a chance, but too bad if they ruin it.
the girl who fears the words she knows are at the tip of your tongue.
the girl who wants a song of dedication, one that she knows came from the heart.
the girl who sometimes pretends to be happy, just cause she doesn't want to explain what's wrong, & she knows it won't get better.
the girl that is content with listening to the same song over & over again.
the girl who doesn't speak, because she doesn't know what to say.
the girl who only wants to be closer to him.
the girl who is in love with the night, the one that they danced in the darkness when everyone else seemed to fade away.
the girl who can never make up her mind, and is always five minutes late.
the girl that is willing to spend every second with you, even if others claim she will be missing out on all of the fun.
the girl who finds affection very heathly.
the girl who looks for the beauty in everything.
the girl who dreams of being perfect; not for herself, but for him. Even though he already thinks she is.
the girl with stars in her eyes, but at times tears on her cheeks.
the girl who yearns for those that put a smile on her face.
the girl that you have always dreamed of.

i am that girl.


August 29 2006

I want to be the girl he's scared to lose
the one where he [can't] walk away
from knowing shes mad *at* him
the one who cant fall asleep without
her voice being the
last one he hears
..The one he cant..
[{L.I.V.E  W.I.T.H.O.U.T.}]

♥ ♥   ♥


August 26 2006

5 More Days

till i see him again!