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October 25 2005

Let's see...

I thought that I should probably update this thing. Granted, I don't really have anything too incredibly interesting to say.

This past weekend rocked my proverbial world though. I went back down to LC for Homecoming weekend. I got to see my favorite people. I stayed in Ash, KT, Amy, and Rebecca's apartment. I saw the play, watched...then was yelled at to get in the participated in the parade, went to the AOII cookout, went to the Kappa Sigma house (lol---w-o-w), Sunday brunch, etc. It was GREAT fun.

This week is so long though. Tomorrow I have class until 3 then work until 5. I always hate getting back here so late. I did wash clothes today though, so that was productive.

Anyway, I am really excited to get some Johnny Carino's for lunch this weekend when go to my dad's house.

That's pretty much all that's going on. Class, Homework, Work, Repeat.


October 01 2005
I'm sitting here waiting from Romley and my mom to get here. They are driving up now, and they are leaving tomorrow. I feel bad that they are driving all the way up to only stay one night, but then again...I REALLY want to see them. I'm excited. AND I actually get to eat real food, because we are going out to eat. I'm tired of living on Speghetti-Os.

This month is going to be super busy. Classes are coming to their mid-points, and tons of things are starting to be due. Plus, I have plans EVERY weekend this month (except the last). The weeks will probably drag on and on though since I'm excited about my weekend plans. I'm also REALLY ready for fall break. I'm actually already ready for Christmas Break...wishful thinking, huh?

Well, hopefully today will provide a much needed break for me. Tomorrow I have to write a paper that is due Monday.That'll be great fun (notice the sarcasm).

Alright, I guess that's all for now.


September 29 2005
So...I succumbed to Janna's peer pressure and got one of these things. I swear, I give in to all the latest internet trends.

Anyway, not too much going on here. I'm extremely glad that tomorrow is Friday or I don't know what I'd do.

Today wasn't as long as I expected which was nice. My first class let out about an hour early, and my second class was cancelled. I went in to work early, and so I had time to take a LONG nap.

Well, I should probably be doing something slightly more productive than this (though I'm sure I'll procrastinate further), so...

Until later...