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September 10 2005
ok i havent written in here in forever...dont know what to say...lifes going pretty good right now. so yea

much love


August 30 2005
.man life has been very depressing lately so i feel like writing another poem lol.

why cant we move on
and forget everything about our past?
why does it hurt whenever i see you?
why cant we go back to when you and i were friends?
when you could come over and we would watch movies.
or when we would talk on the phone all nite.
but why when you tell someone you love them but they dont love you back it hurts sooo bad.

k done with that...
much love


August 25 2005
who knows where we will move on from here?

ooo that was deep lol...

nothing else to say

but have you ever wondered what the exact moment you fall asleep is?
so now that i have given you somthing to think about i will leave you with that

much love


August 23 2005
ok i wrote a poem tell me if you like it---(wait im not sure if its a poem actually lol just something i wrote)

I miss him
I long his touch
I know he is the one
but maybe i dont suit him
who knows?
what if he moved on?
my heart aches to think that
i always feel so empty and alone
like no one is there to pick me up when i fall
is this what i really want?

---i bet you never thought i could come up with something so meaningfull lol---

much love


August 22 2005
^you were mine once...i remember the days we spend with each other...talking,laughing, living like there was nothing to worry about in the worl...but now i look back and your not there by my side. i feel empty and lost...i see you with her and you dont even realize how much it act like nothing is wrong. so i just smile and go along with the flow. but i wonder why back then you could always tell what was wrong but now you dont even ask me whats wrong...^i got bored so i wrote down something...not sure what it means exactly but i felt like writting and thats all i could think of..interesting yess i know...well im out peace..



August 18 2005
last night was was rained yesterday in downtown dallas :) im not sure if it did here...oh well...i love the rain it smells good and its fun to dance in lol...well im gonna go peace out
much love


August 16 2005
the sun was shining today i all i know is that its night time so its not shining any more :( was boring...tommorow will be better i can tell....friday will be great or maybe its not im tired of writing all of my nonsense me you know the number...