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March 23 2007
I declared a major today at MTSU. 

I consulted with an
advisor that was trained to help me figure out what majors would suit
my interests last week.  I told him that I planned on being a music
minister and that I would like to major in something that would help
with a job that I could fall back on (I am minoring in music at MTSU). 
So when we put all of my interests into proven charts and things he
suggested to me the major of

only would a job like this pay me well, but I can also use many of the
techniques that I will learn here in counseling for a church or other
things like that.  That's one of the reasons I picked it. 

really would concentrate more on the HR part of it dealing with
people's motivation and job satisfaction.  It sounds like fun to me. 
This is very tentative however, and I'm gonna try the waters with an
introductory course next semester as I'm finishing up the last of my
core classes.  Wish me luck!

Oh.  And don't worry.  I'm still making Music Ministry my main goal. 

Becca Hicks

April 20 2007
haha. you're such a dork.