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February 01 2007
So I'm starting to see that I need a different vehicle.  I am under the
impression that my vehicle will cost too much to repair for it's worth,
and that if I could just buy a used one it would end up being a better
situation.  This will probably take a while seeing as how saving enough
for a car is difficult when you are going to school and working at the
same time.  If anyone knows of a good deal let me know.

That's just a little heads up.  As for life....

Work:  I'm trying to work a lot more hours because of the above
mentioned dilemna.  This however hurts my other activities not in the
area of delving into their time slots, but just reducing the amount of
sleep that I get for them.  I am trying to work on those sleeping
habits though.

School:  School is just really...boring.  I'm not taking any classes
that really interest me right now, because I really need to start
getting rid of all my core classes.  I do enjoy learning about theory
though.  Learning fixed solfege is crazy though. 

Church:  I can honestly say that this is one aspect of my life that is
exciting at the moment.  We have been working on the new youth room and
things are really coming together.  Our first service in there was last
Sunday night and it went really well.  We're really trying to make it
our own and watching it take shape is exciting.  I'm believing we're
gonna start packing it out on Sunday nights...

Steph:  Steph and I are doing really good.  In a little more than a
month (March 8) we will be celebrating our 2nd year of dating.  I'm
still just as crazy about her as I was at the beginning. 

God:  I've been really trying to improve our relationship lately.  It's
actually been quite difficult with all of the things I've just
mentioned being in full swing, but that's what my earlier post was
talking about.  God has to have the #1 priority and everything else
should come second.  I'm working on it, and slowly but surely, I think
I'm improving. 

I'm definately learning that sleep doesn't really exist in the world of a working college student.  ;) 

Comments would be cool.

Matt Hicks

February 01 2007
i will ask around for the car issue at school from very good friends, hey my myspace is down this (Phusebox),my real site, and face book is the only way online you can get in contact with me i will pray for you. god bless - C/PFC Matt Hicks United States Army JROTC


February 02 2007
oh it's totally the dr.pepper. :) I like getting updates like this. it's nice to see where people are at that i used to know. no, sleep doesn't even exsist in my world. :)