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To God be the Glory

December 08 2006
    "Praise the Lord
    Praise the Lord
    Let the earth hear His voice
    Praise the Lord
    Praise the Lord
    Let the people rejoice"

wow.....how things change in your life!!! God has a way of showing what is in important in life and not to worry He is in control as long as we trust Him through everything and follow His will!!! everyday gets closer as i get ready spiritually and emotionally for Jericho....im going  to my earthly home...where God has called me  to in the future...and i cant tell you how excited i am  for God to give me the  chance to go back so soon!!!! its amazing

Love Through Christ!
Rachel Ann

Rachael Moore

December 08 2006
that is so awesome, rach! it is so encouraging to hear how God is working in your life! i hope you have a wonderful night!


December 08 2006
i'm glad your so excited rachel. it's cool that you know what you wanna do. i love ya!


December 10 2006
18 days!!!