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A Year of No Dating.......

October 30 2006
sooo for those of you who dont know i took a year off from dating! well it ended today October 30, 2005-October 30, 2006!!! all i can say is how amazing God has changed my life! if i wrote everything that i have learned then it would be way to long for anyone who woud want to read it! so if you want to know just ask me then!! but just a huge THANKS for all my friends who kept me accountable and strong! thanks! so now i start a new chapter in my life!

Love Through Christ!

Rachael Moore

October 30 2006
congrats rachel! i am so proud of you!


October 30 2006
your my hero

Jade Nicole Burnett

November 02 2006
YOU are amazing and God is so changing u daily to be more like Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so proud of u and respect you TONS!!!!!

Robin Morrison

November 07 2006
so proud of you...and i LOVE you so much!