August 21 2005
a pink sparkley cast is on my leg--oh funnnn=\
volleyball has being going great;;
God is definately teaching me patience!
He is good though--hope yall have a great week..


August 06 2005
hey yall--volleyball is crazy.. ive been to the doctor about infinity times and im going back either monday or wednesday.. our season is about to really about to start up and i dont know if im going to be ready to play or not.. ahhh;; its nuts.. well-enjoy the rest of the summer before its over =(

busy... busy... busy!!!

July 11 2005
hey yall--ok.. im slowly figuring this out... not positive about everything;; but hey... its a growing process:] hope yall are having an awesome summer so far!!! i have had volleyball allll the time for the past few weeks... just had "dead period" with volleyball;; it was a nice break... i went camping and it was fun... rained alllllllot of the time--but gatlinburg was better... well i guess its bed time... i have practice in the morning from 9:30-12... blah :|

had to start over...

June 26 2005
so i pretty much FORGOT my password.. and i dont know anything about this thing.. so i didnt know if there was somewhere that i could go and like click a link that says "forgot password" but ... its just too easy to make a new one.. so i decided to do that! haha :] hope yall are having a great week--