October 11 2006

we lost.

season is over.

and it sucks.



October 12 2006
Baby i'm sooo sorry...I still love you and just think now we can spend even more time together lol jk. Ya babe it sucks but something will happen to make it all better just wait. Love you and miss you lots.

Garrett Haynes

October 12 2006
don't worry...u still have 2 more years....2 more seasons to win it all. And now volleyball doesn't consume your life. So, look at the optimistic side of it =)


October 12 2006
Baby you know I love you and you can call me anytime with any problem or praise. Have a good a day as possible love ya lots and lots


October 13 2006
babe.. i wish. i actually saud that to someone today.. i was like yeh, i wish i was going to mboro to hang out with my best friends.. bc that would just make my life. you are invited to come to birmingham.. well rememeber.. you are ALWAYS welcome here.. you can live here.. that would be awesome.. hah imgaine.. i just call you and go.. yeh ill pick you up at 7 for dinner then were coming to my house to spend the night and watch movies and talk all night.. THAT would be amazing. i love you i love you i love you- liz ... i miss you i miss you i miss you :)