July 30 2006

tim mcgraw and faith hill = amazing.

before we left..

on the way..

eating at fridays..


faith hill

..and tim mcgraw

what a fun night?! =)

Garrett Haynes

July 30 2006
when did yall go to that? I dont' even like tim mcgraw or faith hill and i'm jealous. I love concerts haha. And don't worry, its not you thats driving me insane lol but its every other girl in the world lol with the exception of u and sarah and lizzy. Well i love ya. See u soon. ~Garrett

Chelsea Turner

July 30 2006
ah so amazing!!! ha especially meeting my man there! haha my DRUNK man! lol oh wow that was histerical! love you!


July 31 2006
Girl I love our amazing conversations you really helped me today. Can't wait to see you again. Your on the way to getting stronger. Stay strong love.


July 31 2006
well it looks like yall had fun. now we all have to go to one soon. u made me thirsty for a concert.

Rebekah Minor

August 01 2006
is it just me or does faith resemble a blonde cher who once stuck her finger in the socket (around 1986) it may be that you dont understand this comment...google cher in the 80's and i think a few images will pop up...love you and you looked beautiful!! (love your POOF!!!)


August 02 2006
OMGOSH IM JEALOUS i wanted to go to that when they came here.... lucky little duck : P you look gorgeous in those pictures.. hah we both wear our hair in little poofs haha yeh im wearing it like that right now, we are to cool.. I LOVE YOU AND IN LIKE A DAY I WILL SEE YOU HOLY COW I MIGHT HAVE A COW hahhahaha wow im crazy .. LOVE YOU KAIT - lizzzzz


August 05 2006

kristen teeters

August 08 2006
hey girl! wow it looks like u guys had fun!!! i love going to concerts... because u can just go crazy and scream and sing out all u want and dont have to worry cause the people right next to you are doing the same! FUN FUN! congratulations on pledge!! WHOO! this is where it all starts! love u girl!!


August 10 2006
yes ma'am, Monday morning- you, me, and some serious cleaning supplies. be there or be eaten by dust bunnies upon your return lol


August 10 2006
hey beautiful! <b>i love you!</b> hope you're off to a great year so far... <u>good luck!</u>

kinsey bivins

August 13 2006
love you too!! thank you for helpin me get around on thursday!! i would have been sooo lost!!