July 05 2006

beach = amazing.
with your best friend = even better.

i had THE best time! here are a few pictures to sum it up =)

we had some fun on the way up there

yayyy!! almost there..

first night at a place called crabs

breakfast after church sunday morning


shoppingggg! =)

before we left sunday night

we had fun shopping while we waited to be seated.. oh yes we did!

we love the beach. end of story.

didnt want to come home..

i can fit my fist in my mouth?

home after 9 hours of a FUN road trip =) ahh..

way to many good times.
couldnt name them all if i tried.
i had a magnificent time =)
...i love my ami driverrr!


July 05 2006
im glad you had such a fabuloustime at the beach i just love going to the beach... its always fun! i hate your phone by the way bc it dies all the freakin time haha i could of possibly came and eaten lunch with you yesterday while you were in town! gah! haha but hey i will see you soon :) so get excited, bc i sure am =)))))) i will talk to you maybe sometime today? :) i love you kaitlin gay! - liz

Chelsea Turner

July 05 2006
AW!! it seems to appear yall had a <B>MUY BUENO</B> time! im glad! i love you!!

kristen teeters

July 06 2006
hey girl!! wow look like you guys had some fun!! LOVERS CLUB BABY!! WHOOO wow that was one magnificant picture! i hope u have a great week and ill talk to you soon!!!


July 07 2006
im praying for you girl i love you! :)))))))))))) - liz