June 18 2006

how about playing in the rain is the best.
especially when you are with your sisters.

playing monkey..

my loves.

Ben Moser

June 18 2006
aww. da three amigas. so cute.


June 19 2006
funnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i wish i could of played in the rain with you guys :)

Garrett Haynes

June 19 2006
that picture was at marble slab. Like a looong time ago haha. I look so different.


June 20 2006
I want to play in the rain , I <3 playin in the rain , I havent in along time haha :p. Anyway hope ya had fun gurl. haha <3 ya ~ sarah


June 22 2006
<b> KAITLIN GAY I LOVE YOU</b> <u> okay, so i have learned the fancy font stuff now thanks to you =))))) </u> <i> im excited</i> hahah hey and these formulas things are all coming from <b>my head</b> im <i> not</i> <b> copy and pasting</b> like i did last night hahha love youuuuuu - <b>liz</b>