will you jump?

May 27 2006

today our pool opened. =) while i was down there i was watching a dad with his son. the son kept saying "daddy! daddy! get in and let me jump to you!" the dad agreed and waded into the water. when he finally made it in, he told his son to jump to him. the son stood at the side of the pool dipping his feet in. he would squat down to jump and almost do it, but then he would say "no, no... i cant". his dad kept telling him "its alright, i will catch you". eventually, after about 10 attempts, the son jumped into his fathers arms. 

i think that we do this as christians. we say that we will share Christ and live a life for Him, but when it comes right down to it, some are scared. we hesitate because we remember who we think ultimately judges us-the world. we go to the side of the pool saying "out into the world i go, sharing Jesus with all who dont know Him". but when its time to make the jump, we stop and think. Christ tells us to jump. He will catch us, just like the father kept telling the son that he would catch him, not to worry. we need to set aside our fear and make the plunge. God will always be in the water to catch us. we shouldnt even hesitate...

this thought challenged me. i know that sometimes when i get a chance to witness to someone, i dont take advantage of the opportunity, because i think "what if i fall?".. does it matter? no, actually, it doesnt-because OUR father is standing there waiting to catch us.

Matthew 28:19
Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in ther name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Philippians 4:6a
Dont worry about anything..

Garrett Haynes

May 27 2006
That's a great analogy. You know, u r really good at taking everyday situations and giving them spiritual meaning. That's a great leadership quality! I am sooooo proud of u kaitlin gay. Continue to follow Christ. In Him, Garrett


May 27 2006
Your growing up kaitlin into the women God intends you to be and let me just say I am so blessed to witness and have a impact in it.... Have a wonderful day my beautiful bestest friend!!!!!!


May 27 2006
yeh im going to have to agree with garrett... you have awesome analogies. most people dont sit there and watch it and connect it with our relationship wiht christ. i hope you are doing good! <3 - elizabeth :)

kristen teeters

May 28 2006
wow im with garrett and elizabeth.. thats just awesome that u see Christ in everything that you do because im sure that is the same with others looking at you and see Christ in you. i know that i do! i wish that my walk could be as strong as yours is but i know that i just need to get back on track with everything! you are just so uplifting and i love you to death! oh yeah could u tell me again what all those bible verses were that we talked about at chelseas?? that would be greatly appreciated! have a awesome day!! i heart you!


May 31 2006
wow! kaitlin...i can't even tell you how awesome that is that you can just take everyday things and apply them and relate them to our faith!!! every time we are together we get into one of our "talks" lol and it makes me so excited!!! lol idk i just get to talkin and then i get so excited and the words get all mixed up...lol you know what i mean! you are such an amazing girl! i am so glad that i wasn't shy in fifth grade when i met you! lol you have been a wonderful example for everyone, especially me!! every time i come to you with a problem you always know exactly what to say. God always gives you the right words. sometimes it's not what i want to hear but it's what i absolutely need to hear! and really none of this has much to do with your entry but hey, i just thought i would tell you!! lol I LOVE YOU! that's all i gotta say girl.