Peering through the looking glass

November 12 2006
am i really so disgusting that you can't even answer?
am i infecting your mind, plaguing your peace with cancer?
am i salt in the wound that i failed to inflict
saying words, doing actions you failed to predict
to the charge of innocence, i'm guilty at best
go ahead sir, take me away with the rest
for i am one of the many, you people enslave
crying out every night, for those you never forgave..

will you open your eyes to what i've laid down
will you ponder my offer, before you turn it to ground
will you see me not for who i am, but who i want to be
a soldier for God, pushing for us to be free...

alright Miss "No response", i think that i've had it
despite all compliments you've ignored me, so stab it
forget my offer, like some kind of ode to demon born
a villian of troy, a traitor bred to be scorn
yeah forget me now, though i'd be a very good friend
someone made to be loyal, and stick strong till the end
the offer is gone, it's been burnt up in flames
and by morning, day break, i'll have forgotten your name

please open your eyes friends, nothing is sound
please see the world as it is, not the excuses we've found
stick to your human values, and follow what dreams you know,
because life is short, and you only have one life to do so.
may the world sleep in peace tonight
if even for personal reasons...
i fear that by day break, the chaos continues
as quick as the change of the seasons...