Pace with me, Slowly

October 26 2006
one night i awoke, in a dripping sweat
a pounding pulse, oh i can't forget
the nightmare i had..
there were people screaming, and hearts left beating
while their dreams flooded the earth
left to be forgotten and trampled on for years...
oh it brought me down to tears...

my greatest fear is being treated like a loon
like i never knew what i wanted to do..
when all i wanted was to save the world
from our own fate, and our own mistakes..
oh we can't live like this forever..
in time we'll surely die..
fight it off your demons with me!

we'll take this over in time
just step by step and stride by stride
pace with me slowly,
it won't happen over night...
no matter how hard you wish..

we'll save each other, even with
a dying breath..