The Last Words

October 24 2006
I hope one day you see it again

this same love, I wanted you to have..

I hope in his eyes you see my face

And realize that I'm not crazy..

And when he tells you what he loves the most

I hope all the answers are the same...

As much as I still think the best of you...

I still feel that you just walked away..

You'll always be a friend in my heart

I hate the way things came to an end..

But God willing you still see me as I once was

With a smile on my face, holding your hand..

I guess some people are driven by heart

And not by the sense in their head...

beth cooper

October 24 2006
all ur stuff is so amazing!!


October 24 2006
nice. i feel the same way about someone right now..ugh. they upset me :(