What Does it Take to Save the World?

October 16 2006
as i watched the stars

i dreamt that two collide

to form a new world

and what was before died

leaving behind all traces

of their glowing flame

to form a new aura

all one, and the same

and from that vision

came my sign of hope

with passion reigning

it began to develope

and it said:

what does it take to save the world?

i wish to rid us of lies and greed

of blood and violence

and all that planted the seed

i wish to rid us of our prejudice

and the roots of our hate

by spreading pure hearts

and cleaning the slate..

i wish to bring joy

to all nights of sorrow

to end all suffering

with a bright tomorrow

can we all join hands

to hold up the fight

stand as one and with
a dream, unite..