March 30 2006

 Well I figured it was time to update again!!...I have been having a really good week!! Everything is going well now...so i'm happy about that. It finally mostly worked itself out...maybe not completely, but mostly!! The only thing I am worried about now is school! There are 2 classes that i am worried about possibly failing!! I am trusting God that he will help me and I won't fail cause I can't lose my scholarship!! I know that God will take care of it though...so i'm trying not to stress over it to much!! Well thats all for now!!...love you guys!!

Leave me comments and make me happy!!!...


March 31 2006
Aww, im glad everything is workin out for you amy..well, except for the school part i guess, but ill be praying that gets cleaned up.:)


March 31 2006
Hey Amy! I just wanted to leave you a wish for...A sunshine, happy, laugh out loud, day full of happiness and blessings!!!!!!! Beth :)


April 04 2006
another comment:


April 06 2006
Hope you are doing great!


April 15 2006
hey amy! haven't seen u in awhile.

Edith Hogan

May 17 2006
AMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guess what now its my turn to graduate lol well ill talk to ya later love ya Edith