the awesomeness of God how he reveals!!

December 13 2005

  Ok...Thought it was time to update!!! I can't believe that the semester is over, it flew by!! Oh well, now I can look forward to interesting classes! My life has been going pretty well lately!! God has been showing me things and humbling me in so many ways!!! It is amazing!!! I have been helping in missionettes and I help with the stars 3-4 grade girls!! I never knew that 9, 10, & 11 yr olds could teach me so many things!! It is so awesome to see how on fire for God they are!! It was amazing to see one of them praying for people in the alters on Sun!! I was praying for Brady and I knew that someone was behind us...I turned around when we got through praying and it was one the missionettes !! It was so humbling...I had been stuggling with some things that week and God humbled me at that moment and reminded me to have faith and be like that little child who trusts in him and knows he will take care of it!! It was so awesome!!! That is only a small description of how I felt and heard from God at that time...I can't even begin to really describe it!! I love those girls dearly and I have only been working with them about a month now!! I love Wed because I know that I get to see all of them!! Well, that is about it...I guess I'll update again in about 3!! Love you guys!!

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