March 01 2006

soo.. what to say.. actually i dont know where to start cuz there is too much to say... uh midstate choir was a lot of fun and my dad got me roses!!(aas you see in the picture) how sweet lol west side story is good. uh i've made a lot of new friends through that! umm.. siegel is now district champions! SIEGEL NATION! uh. and im going trough some tough stuff right now soo prayer would be much appreciated :]]

got to see my cousin, Billy, who came home from Iraq for a few weeks to recouperate from a bomb going off next to his car. soo please pray for him, and us, as well cuz its kinda hard but im so thankful God has kept him safe thus far.


March 02 2006
i prayed for yah pretty!!

kaitlin gay

March 05 2006
can i just say that you are absolutely amazing, and i love you so much. you <b>always</b> can make me smile--thanks, my love! have a wonderful day! &hearts;kaitlin


March 10 2006
i love you kris! be blessed!


March 12 2006
..... :}


March 13 2006
hey there gorgeous! i sure do love you! so i'm pretty bored right now, not that i only come visit you when i'm bored! blah blah blah! well, nvm... so now i'll just make up a poem for you! haha i love kristin hochstetler, more than our pilgrims and settlers she is my one cool homie, even when i'm cold and lonely! she's fun to be around!, though she acts like a big clown! but i still love her so!, more than she will ever know! she knows how to have a good time! and here's where i run out of rhymes! anyways! you get the jist! i hope you have a truly fabulous week1 and may God work in incredible ways thru you! and i am still praying for you Kristin! <33 kat


March 23 2006
i havent spoken to you in quite some time :-/ ....


March 24 2006
tha Kristin tha Kristin!! not swimming in the water-( not swimming in the water) not eating her supper-( not eating her supper) where did she go??-( where did she go??) sheeeeee found a mate!!!-(sheeee found a mate!!!) hahahahahahahahahahha wow babe! some great love you!!!! be blessed

courtney kelley

April 02 2006
KRISTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love u girl!!