Been a long time since I last blogged?

January 22 2006
    Been super busy.  

    Mainly playing World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, lol.

    Found a great online radio station, check out


Video of the day.

December 10 2005

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I STAND ALONE (Godsmack)

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Must Run

December 04 2005
  Just over a year ago I took up running.   I have since ran in a number of 5k races, two of which I took home trophies for my age group.  Not bad considering that I am a pretty big guy.

Since my daughter's birth I haven't really had much time to run though, and I am really missing it.   By the time my wife get's home it is too dark for me to go running down the road, and I hate driving for 30 minutes to go the the gym these days.  

So I guess I am going to have to shell out some dough for a Treadmill.   I went from running at least 30 miles a week to almost none the last couple of months.
Any other diehard runners out there that don't get to run as much as they would like to?  How do you manage to get by?     


November 20 2005
Checking PhuseBox out.  Looks pretty slick.