eating wendy's chili

June 11 2005
though i am not a fast food fan by any means, i would first like to say that wendy's is the best fast food place on this side of the nile river! lucky for us (as i'm reading off the paper chili bowl), their chili has always been low fat and high fiber.
today i went to a tennessee association of student nurses meeting in murfreesboro, then visited my family for lunch. speaking of regular, we had bran muffins and fruit for dessert!
i was asked to work at poet's tonight, so i went in and worked with stacey and lucas. that was fun, though i am still pretty tired from camp.
speaking of camp...the last day, i randomly started singing songs from mary poppins. some of the other staff girls joined in, and we had a lovely time serenading the pool with "just a spoon full of sugar" and "supercalafradulousetexpialadocious" (hooked on phonics worked for me).
wow, i am really tired. i need to go to bed so i can wake up in the morning and go to church at the coolest church in the world...the river community church!!!

lauren i.

June 15 2005
well, first of all, i would just like to tell you that i too believe that wendy's is the best fast food restaurant.. and i love their chili. :) i miss seeing you.. even if it would mean that we would be in the library b/c that's pretty much the only place i see you besides Poet's! hah! well, jody.. i hope you have had a great day!