August 04 2005
i'm back! i feel like it has been years since i've posted (well it has been over a month...wait what is today...i don't know...anyway). so camp is over and i'm back in my fun apartment next to campus. my roommate doesn't get back until school starts so i have the place to myself (sniff sniff...i'm lonely!). monday i fly to new york (upstate) to visit my grandparents, so i will be sure and wave at nathan as i fly over him.
something cool...i was offered an internship at my church (the river community church) under the family ministries pastor, and of course i accepted! i'm a little nervous about it because i have no idea what i'm doing. all of my jobs are listed for me, but i just feel clueless. oh well, i guess with any new job that is natural. i am still working at poet's about 10-15 hours a week, planning a convention, and going to school full time (ahhhhhhh what am i doing???) everything will taper off as the year winds down, and even more as i approach graduation in may. i have really been feeling that God wants me (at least for now) to just wait on him about plans after graduation. i have no doubt in my mind that he has called me to full time ministry eventually (with nursing?), but i don't know anything else! for the FIRST time in my life, i don't have a plan. i'm waiting on God.
i still feel as though i am hanging on to a brick wall with my fingernails...one wrong move and i fall and tear my nails too. hmm strange comparison...
well, i guess i'll go to bed now. busy day tomorrow.

lauren i.

August 16 2005
what did you decide to do? i miss you, jody.