June 26 2005
read isaiah 6
today my pastor talked about divine appointments, and how nothing is by chance. i then proceeded to ask God to put divine appointments in my life.
since then, i've had spiritual conversations by "accident" with both of my neighbors, and gone to lunch with a new friend who really encouraged me in Christ.
so God does answer prayer!

i had fun just now at ihop with my friends jim, john, jeremiah, josh, and wes (odd ball without a j on his name). we all went after our college group from church called the gathering. i really love the gathering because i am always reminded of God's goodness, mercy, love, and grace everytime i go. plus all the people are pretty cool! at ihop i started laughing and inhaled my coffee (which turned out to be pretty gross coming out of my nose)

tomorrow i'll wake up bright and early for camp. we have the older discipleship girls at my camp, and i'm really excited (but a little nervous).

i have been wondering what God will have me do after graduation.