johnny beng


Attracted by the Lights

June 26 2009
Flickering lights glowing on the street corners, open signs radiating the store’s availability, or shimmering signs in business altering the colors and attitudes in the bar, LED lights and neons are commonly used to attract and excite. Bright lights stand out in the dull night, it is challenging for someone to miss the flickering, iridescent light of a neon exclaiming open or 2 for 1. These signs use the absence of light to attract customers. This is a great advertisement. The key to advertising has and always will be to get recognize. If a restaurant has the best food, service, and prices in the world, yet no one knows about them, the restaurant will not be a profitable business. When advertising, people try to find the most efficient way to attract clientele. Numerous options are available but not all are as effective or affordable. For example a Television ad is extremely expensive, but it does get seen by thousands, where as, a Billboard is much less expensive but gets fewer views. With neon signs one can invest a small amount of money one time (when they purchase the sign) and then have a continued advertisement right where there business is. This will also alleviate any month to month payment options. For advertising to be successful, it must first be noticed. With LED lights and neon signs people can be attracted from miles away. The red and yellow colors most of these lights contain, are known to excite people. What more could a business owner want then to have excited customers? It is a known fact that modern day people have very short attention spans; they don’t want to stare at something boring. With blinking neons people’s wandering eyes easily get stuck on the awing lights. Not only can these lights attract but they can offer your business the atmosphere that people search for. Most people that go out at night don’t want to be blinded by huge spotlights, or other artificial lighting. It is common for one to want dim light that can excite and provide a change from the normal day to day routine. Whether it is running through an alien world with, pot holes and shields everywhere playing laser tag, or at the bar with a few good friends the mellow lighting of LEDs and neons can not be surpassed. It is a very simple concept with neons and LED lights, promote and obtain more customers. They are efficient, they are economical, and they are fun. People like excitement they like neons. Whether it be for a simple update down in the basement game room, or one is trying to gain a larger customer base, LEDs and neons will prove themselves time and time again. Look at one of the most popular destinations in North America, it is Las Vegas, this is a place that knows the true value of lights.