9-11-2001 8:46 A.M. EST

September 11 2005
this is the exact moment that changed the world as we know it. this exact moment is the reason why i am chasing my dream. to be an air force pilot. i remember where i was. i was sitting in health. coach britton walks in to the portable. says a plane crashed into the world trade center. im thinkin, a small plane, no big deal. wrong. it was a boeing 767. one of the biggest passenger aircraft in the world. heard it took off from boston. im thinkin, it's full of jet fuel. jet fuel is more flammable than gas in a car. at 9:03 A.M. EST out of nowhere, a 767 hits the north tower. immedieatly im thinking of family. my dads family lives in the city of new york. my aunt works in manhattan, where the towers are. my uncle is a firefighter. at the same time, i get mad. at 9:37 A.M. EST a 767 from washington d.c. hits the pentegon. im thinkin, these people aint playin. much of the military's top officials are in that building. at 10:03 A.M. EST word comes out that a 777 crashes in pennslyvania. im thinkin, pennslyvania? what in the world is in pennsylvania? come to find out, the very first battle in the war on terrorism took place on that flight. passengers fought to the best of their ability to gain control. in my book, they succeeded. they may have lost their lives, but they saved many others. the destination of that flight is unknown. speculation is that it was headed for the white house.

mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandpas lost their innocent lives that day. in their minds it was just a regular day. god bless their families.

salute to the firefighters, EMTs, police officers and all the other first responders.

salute to the military. air force, army, marine corps, navy, and coast guard. you guys are doing the best job. keep it up. i cant wait to join you guys.

dont ever forget this day.


September 12 2005
Very very awesome entry Eddie.

Matt Fisher

October 10 2005
the day that is not forgotten just not remembered. thank you for remembering what they have done for all of us.