February 15 2006

time. time is the, in my opinion, priviledge we most taken for granted. as i was working today, my mom told me that my grandma up in new york is on that fine line of life and death. she has a severe case of pnmonia and really sharp pains coming from her legs to her back. she has done this once before a couple years ago at Christmas time but she has pulled through. well learning of this sudden illness it caught me off guard.  i cant remember the last time i talked to her. its not because i didnt want to, it has been because i have had the time too. in the next few days she may pass on the our awesome Lord. it makes me sad that i didnt say goodbye. i am unable to call her now because she is in severe pain. this year i might not get to ask her how my beloved yankees are going to do this year. i love her so much and i know that she knows that.

on another note, in about 3 weeks i will have completed my younglife training. i am visiting the area clubs. this past monday i visited oakland. it was pretty cool. its a lot different from riverdale. this monday i will be visiting siegel. i would like to personally invite you to club. it will be at carter trouts house on monday at 800. directions should be in the cafeteria. if you are wondering what younglife is heres a good chance for you to know. so please come see my good buddies zach, clay, jamie, scarlett, krista, laura, and emily. and of course i will be there. thats all i have. have a awesome week. peace.



February 16 2006
i love you eddie sally!!!


February 16 2006
I'm sorry about your grandma. I feel the same kind of remorse for my granddad with Alheimzer's. It was good seeing you yesterday!


February 18 2006
You remind me of a compass, because I'd be lost without you. love, Abi and Mere


March 08 2006
haha!! i got u!!!! now i know who u REALLY like!!!lol hope all is well!!! love bubba gump

ami driver

March 21 2006
i love you my little gnarley head! =) ill be praying for your grandmother.. sorry about that.. but i loveee you.. toots soon?


March 24 2006
HEY!!!! I saw you monday!!!!


March 24 2006
Me and my dad were pulling out of the driver testing place......is everything okay??call me if u want to on ami's cell phone or leave me a message

Garrett Haynes

April 04 2006
Sally....it feels like its been forever man. Call me sometime and us and the boys will have to hang. Hope you're doin great. God bless. Your brother in Christ, ~ Garrett