a new beginning...

January 16 2006

on the eve of my second semester of college, i ponder this question: what can I do this semester that will make me not so busy than last semester?

well, i backed up my schedule an hour so that my lunch hour is free before i have to go in to work. during that hour i can work on my homework and visit with friends that i havent seen in a long time.

when i get home i wont have as much school work to do because i would have already done it at school. if i do have some school work, i probably wont do it because being a full time student is very draining.

also, in about two months i will be a younglife leader. after spring break i will be going to either oakland, siegel, riverdale, or blackman to do my contact work. contact work is where i get to have "my boys" and i go do stuff with them. i need to free up some of my nights to where i can go and hang with them. and i have to have monday night off for younglife club.

i must get to bed. gotta get rested up because i probably wont stop till may. peace.

Whitney Sanders

January 17 2006
thanks for getting me all wet today.... not that I wasnt wet already! lol have a gr-8 week....im ready for a break already!!!!!!!!!!!!

Garrett Haynes

January 17 2006
if u come to siegel, i will def. join younglife