sharp top

October 17 2005

well this weekend at sharp top was good and bad. the bad part was that a charter bus, from jackson, tn, full of kids went about 30 feet off the road and down a mountain friday night about 1200. as far as i know everybody is ok. i was the one who got the help. some of my best friends were right behind the bus and saw the whole thing unfold. two people were life-flighted to a hospital in atlanta. half the bus was in neck braces, some were precautionary. the other half just had bumps and bruises. one of my friends that was behind the bus, tried to get some people out but couldnt because he was slipping on all the blood that was on the floor. on saturday about 90% of the campers on the bus were treated and released and came back to camp. the good part is that i had a blast serving the boro kids. i have never seen so many happy kids. i cant wait to be a leader. want to thank all of those who prayed for the campers. it meant a lot to me. im glad that everything turned out alright.

put a picture of the fat lady on the puter. i drive her everyday. for those who dont know me, its a 1973 ford mustang. so this is where i get the name mustang sally. i call her the fat lady because its the biggest mustang ford ever built. she doesnt mind. well im going to catch up on my sleep. im have slept only 10 hours in the past 96 hours. dueces.


October 17 2005
i wish my car looked that purty. piece


October 17 2005
i love you eddie!

Garrett Haynes

October 18 2005
lol, did u turn right on morland drive?

Elisabeth Barber

October 29 2005
hey eddie<3 aH thanks for serving us boro kidds! and wOw i felt sO bad for the Jackson kids, I was sO worried about them, but I am glad they are alright and noone was killed or know? I hope you had a fantastic time! aH I think I am going to try to go through quest next year and become a YL leader..? I think that would be an amazing thing to do. Take care<3

Garrett Haynes

November 01 2005
yeah i know the feeling. last year i passed out cold in biology due to the teacher talking about hemophiliacs. all the sro's kept asking me if i was on drugs.

ami driver

November 01 2005
haha i love you eddie! i miss you so muchhh!!

kyle cantrell

November 06 2005
Sorry. Just how I feel.