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December 31 2005

Okay so phusebox is officially back and I'm so excited. I can't believe how quickly we get attached to something as unimportant as the internet. Anyway, so I attended Jessica Layne's wedding to Sherman Boyd last night. Was a BEAUTIFUL affair. It has since got me thinking about my own wedding (as if I wasn't doing that anyway). In thinking about that I have decided I need to start compiling ideas, thoughts etc so that if/when that time actually does happen I don't get all caught up in what everyone else thinks is a good idea but stay true to myself and my finace. However at this point I'm looking for ideas, things you've seen or thought of that you want to share, could be anything from decorations to music to traditions that you think are neat or special. Anyway I"m just looking for ideas that I might not come across otherwise. I'm compiling so please if you have anything that you don't mind sharing, feel free! :)

Anyway lots to do, more later. MEW

Carla Simpson

December 31 2005
hey i don't know if this is normal or whatnot, but jessica had a 1984 penny in her shoe...i thought that was kinda neat! and yes, i'll be calling you for to ya next year! ;)